Courtney & Tony– The Harmonious Two

Hello, hello! Welcome to The Harmonious Two, a blog co-owned by me and my wonderful husband, Tony. Many of our readers today are likely those close to us, so I’ll skip a big old life story and all that blah and instead get onto the good stuff. If you’re new, click here for a little bit about us.


The vision for this blog is two fold: one side being an online journal of sorts where we share our navigation through life as two young, married musicians, and the other where we share thoughts, tips, advocacy, and advice on music and the music industry. We want to share the good times and the hard times, the joy and confusion of finding jobs, moving, living in old apartments, all with the common thread of a deep love of music. We want to invite others to participate in open discussions about life experiences as musicians, composers, music majors, etc. In other words, we want an online representation for those of us in the field of music. We want to be a voice for other musicians, a voice for those of us who take a leap of faith everyday to pursue music.

Tony and I were married on August 1, 2015 and the time has already gone by way too fast! Tony recently came out with his first album and I’m getting ready to graduate college in June. Right now life with Tony is so new and fresh. We’re newlyweds navigating through all of the ups and downs of young adulthood with school and finding jobs. It’s exciting and deeply terrifying all at the same time. This blog is a way for us to document our musical life while also discussing topics we’re passionate about.


Tony and I talk ALL of the time about music. We’ll go back and forth, often times in the course of just one day, from complaining about the worst practicing experience, to gushing about the best performance ever. We listen to music together, we go to shows together, we teach each other, we sing together, and we play music together. We also get in depth talking about everything from the often low compensation for musicians to the lack of respect among the general population for music majors. We question it, we dissect it, we rarely come to a conclusion, but we’re talking about it. And if we’re talking about it together, why not share it with others. We’re passionate (probably too passionate) about music and want to share our love for such a beautiful art with the world.

2014-05-18 15.50.14-1

Tony and I already have lots of topic ideas about music including thoughts from me about majoring in music and discovering arts administration, and ideas from Tony on making a CD and entrepreneurial skills for musicians. We’ll also include various life stories, projects, and events currently happening in our lives. Is there anything you want us to talk about? What would be interesting to read? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks for reading the first ever post on The Harmonious Two!




2 thoughts on “Courtney & Tony– The Harmonious Two

  1. Great idea, you two! Looking forward to keeping up on you this way, especially after I retire and move back east this summer. And it’s probably easier on you to do this than send separate updates to lots of friends and family. Suggestion – be sure you’re able to archive all you write – your children and grandchildren will appreciate it some day, I promise! Now – play on, write on, then go play!


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