Life & Listening To Lately

Well, with my senior clarinet recital one week away, I have successfully stressed my body to the breaking point.

I have shingles.

Isn’t that that disease that makes the skin look really terrible and older people get? Whaaaaat?

Yep, I have shingles… on my EYE! I started feeling really sick (flu-like symptoms without a fever) and then that turned into a swollen lymph node on the ride side of my face and an itchy eye lid that slowly developed a scab. Gross, I know.

I’m taking it easy this Friday night drinking tea and listening to Dvorak 8 and Mahler 1 because I’m obsessed with both right now. How am I only 21.

Anyway, today I want to walk you through what I’m listening to lately intermixed with random life updates. Randomness is my fav.

P.S. A kind commenter let me know that my previous blog had some (your and you’re) typos. I apologize for how bothersome that is and I promise I know the difference. Thanks 🙂 Cheers to imperfection!

So here it goes!

Tony recently played a gig at a local venue here in Eugene, Oregon that he regularly performs. The Jazz Station has been the home of many great shows and this night was no exception.

IMG_2499 (1)

This year’s Valentine’s Day was our one year proposal anniversary. One year ago, he led me through a series of riddled clues that ended with him flashing my sparkly ring on one knee. It was perfect.

Naturally, he took me on another one to celebrate a year later. This one was crazy! He led me through most of the UO School of Music with clues and chocolate hearts. It was really difficult and kind of uncomfortable because I had to interrupt a couple of people while they were practicing… yep, don’t mind me here, just scouring the piano for some chocolate.

All good fun. We ate pancakes, watched The Notebook, and hosted a Valentine’s Day party because we’re cheesy like that.

IMG_2530 (1)

We also went to Trader Joe’s (AKA my second home) and Tony bought me the cutest gerbera daisies and we picked up this cute Valentine surprise for a special someone. Is that not the cutest little pot you have ever seen? Okay, I fully admit. I am 100% obsessed with Valentine’s Day.

IMG_2524 (1)

We had THE best almond milk steamer with hazelnut flavor at one of our favorite little cafés downtown (also the scene of our picture on the top of our blog page). It was seriously to-die-for.


And Tony fell in love with a cat that lives in one of the shops downtown. Cats in shops? Oh Eugene, Oregon. I love you.


Look at that paw. Swoon.

I’ve also been practicing lots of yoga lately. I’d love to do a post on the benefits of yoga for musicians. I’ve been getting a lot better at my headstands lately! This picture was my final project for my yoga class at school.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

I love yoga!

Along with everything else above, the past few weeks have been full of music rehearsing, performing, and listening to live shows. I recently attended a show at the Broadway Avenue House in Eugene and it was not only a very fun night, but also some of the best music I’ve listened to in a while!


The Westerlies, a Seattle-bred band now primarily based in New York City, stopped in Eugene, Oregon as part of their west coast tour.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

These young, four musicians were a joy to watch and listen to. With an obvious passion and refreshing energy for making music, their performance was invigorating. It was quirky, yet sophisticated. Fresh, yet nostalgic. I loved the improvisatory feel and the balance between new ideas and older styles. Their CD is great, too. The Broadway Avenue House, a living-room turned concert venue, was the perfect intimate atmosphere for this group. I have attended the venue many times and absolutely adore its inviting environment. I especially love the potluck and chance to chat with the musicians during intermission. This was an especially memorable night indeed.

Tonight, Tony played a show with the Oregon Jazz Ensemble featuring Marshall Gilkes. The rest of the weekend will be full of lots of practicing and rest!

What are you listening to lately?



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