The Soul of Tony Glausi

Allison was able to capture Tony’s personality in this article– something very few writers can do. Take a read.


Written by: Allison Del Fium

The Soul of Tony Glausi Photo

I want the people who are listening to my music to enjoy being alive, to feel a sense of purpose in life.”

As I sit in the dimly lit “Jazz Station” found in downtown Eugene, I am surrounded and moved by the powerful sounds made by the night’s musical act. It is the trumpet player Tony Glausi that especially commands everyone’s attention. Maybe it is his put together look or his remarkable stage presence that pulls you in, but for most of my fellow audience members, it is his extraordinary musicianship that is so captivating. After the song finishes and the band takes a moment to breathe, the audience instantly goes wild. I can’t help but notice the look on Tony’s face as the crowd cheers. A wide, bright smile appears and he begins to laugh. In this moment, Tony is at one with…

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